The Base by LB


By Emily Leighton

Quite frankly if any product can make me feel like Lara Bingle i’m willing to try it. I think like most people I was quite sceptical about her line of beauty products for a few reasons. Firstly, i’ve always appreciated how well she does effortless beauty –  but that woman is genuinely flawless regardless of what products she uses. Very often products created for/by those lucky few don’t translate as well onto the tired faces of everyone else (me). Secondly, products created by celebrities can be a real hit or miss. There’s obviously a real science to any beauty product – and who knows if the time has been taken to master it or wether it’s just been pushed into stores because it will sell. With that said, i’ve recently tried a few products from The Base and I can safely say i’m excited to try the rest of her line – and i’m really looking forward to what she brings out in the future. I’ll start with products for the body here, but click here to read about the LB Cream for face.

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Gradual tanner

For me, this is the real hero product. Besides my trusty Dove Summer Glow I tend to stay away from gradual tanners because first and foremost; i’m lazy. I will never commit to moisturising every single day. For me it’s more convenient to use a tanning mousse and not have to worry about it for a while, and the colour pay-off from a gradual tanner has never been enough to make me think otherwise. This one does it for me. Two layers of this product – wether applied in the same night or on consecutive days, gives me the same result as an actual tanner. And it’s the most beautiful shade. Very much an olive tone, but not to the point of making me look like I have severe jaundice… which is great, obviously. A very difficult find for pale people like myself. It does recommend you apply this with a mitt, but I wouldn’t. This product absorbs faster than any lotion i’ve used, so I can imagine you’d just use far too much product with a mitt. I just use my hands to apply this while being very cautious to thoroughly wash my hands afterwards, as this product will build in-between your fingers although only a gradual tanner. My one gripe is the price – $32. Is it significantly better than a product like Summer Glow, which is only $10? I think so, yes. If you’ve already got a base tan and just want to enhance it, Summer Glow will do. But if you’re really starting from scratch I can’t recommend this enough. Purchase here.

Body Glow Oil

I love this product on paper – a shimmering dry oil that simultaneously bronzes, gives great coverage, makes the skin glow and moisturisers. This is the one product however that I won’t be repurchasing, which is disappointing because it’s also the one I was most excited about. If you’ve ever had a jar of coconut oil before (which happens to be the main ingredient in this – thus the dreamy smell) you know that the second the temperature drops below average the product solidifies. Now, I know that this is the nature of ingredients like these so that’s not my issue. My issue was with how difficult it was to liquify it again. I don’t know if it’s because of the heavy glass packaging, which is really quite beautiful by the way, but I had this bad boy under hot water for 10 minutes and I still couldn’t get a spec of oil out. In order to actually use the product I had to take the seal off, which would normally dispense the oil, and scoop the product (which was still the consistency of solid coconut oil) out with a knife. It did give the most radiant sheen once applied, but the process just made me more frustrated than I would like to be after spending $40 on a product. I feel like I shouldn’t be disappointed at the fact that it settles – but convenience is key and that’s where it fell through for me. I’ll 100% use this bottle up – but once finished i’ll go back to using my Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray, which I genuinely cannot fault and gives similar results. Purchase here.

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