By Emily Leighton

This is a truly, truly captivating fragrance. I’d been mulling over what new fragrance I should purchase for a few months (kudos to the staff at Mecca for dealing with me coming in at least thrice weekly, sniffing about 37 different scents, being overwhelmed by them all and leaving due to said emotion).

I was starting to get over the whole process and was just going to settle for something I liked but wasn’t inlove with – and then I popped the lid on this badboy. I literally didn’t even test how it wore on my body before purchasing. It’s one of those scents that makes you inadvertently close your eyes and sends you into absolute bliss. Quite frankly that only happens with two scents; any Tom Ford fragrance ever, and a bottle of minced garlic. I can smell my Mum popping one open from a mile away. Not so relevant, but an undeniable fact.

Now understanding the notes in fragrance is a skill in itself, one of which i’m yet to master. All I know is that I love sandalwood, oud, tobacco, myrrh, spices and anything that makes me smell masculine or brings on a mild headache. So I won’t try to debunk the notes.

Mecca says:

“Exude warmth and sophistication with this intriguing fragrance that oozes woodsy,                           oriental vibes. Laced with notes of rose, sandalwood, rosewood, tonka bean and cocoa for a scent that’s somewhat sweet, somewhat bitter and overtly woody.”

This is all so spot on. It’s incredibly warm and provocative. I wouldn’t call this overpowering like I would normally go for, but it’s seriously alluring. This is now my go-to for evenings, partly because it is quite a sexy fragrance and partly because it’s a costly fragrance to be spraying liberally day in and day out. I find I go about 4 hours before I feel the need to re-apply, but the smell lingers regardless.

$177 for 50mL at Mecca. 


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