MAC Lightscapade


By Emily Leighton

When I first purchased this highlighter I must say I was slightly underwhelmed by what I seeing in the container. Why did I buy it if I was underwhelmed? I don’t know. We all make irrational decisions when under pressure. I’d just ventured into the world of highlighting and went in HARD on my first purchase with Maryloumanizer; so I had tunnel vision to anything that wasn’t unbelievably metallic or wouldn’t obviously give an intense highlight.

Well, two years down the track and I still use both religiously, but recently I’ve been favouring MAC’s Lightscapade. This particular highlight has the most beautiful, pearly look to it. It’s quite neutral and doesn’t lend itself to be too gold, which is exactly what I need. As someone with a pale complexion those tones just don’t compliment my skin when i’m sans fake tan. I think that ties in with the next reason I love this; it’s much more of a lit-from-within glow. I find it extremely difficult to go overboard with this product. Yes, it’s buildable and you can absolutely get the most natural glow or an intense highlight, but it never looks as though it’s just sitting ontop of your skin or magnifying pores. I think that’s the ooonnnnnllyyyyyyyy thing i’m weary of with Maryloumanizer – it’s not uncommon for me to get in the car and look in the mirror only to think What. Have. I. Done. This is much less opaque and is more of a sheen. You also get amazing dimension; you’ll see in the pan there are veins of pink and blue running through the powder. It’s hard to explain why this is so great, but on the face it’s makes a lot of sense.

Because this is such a fine, light powder, my preferred way of applying it is firstly with a very dense brush; roughly the size of the tip of my finger. I apply this on the top of my cheekbone, and also take some into the outer edge of my eye almost creating an upside down T shape. This packs the product on heavier than if you were to use your finger, but like I said there’s never too much. I then go in with the Real Techniques contour brush to blend and blur. To apply to the brow bone I use a flat eyeshadow brush or my fingers. Regardless of how you apply, the finish is impeccable.

IMG_4297 (1)

Purchase here. I should also note that although $47 is a lot to spend on a highlighter as subtle as this – it’s worth it. Highlighters last for an unbelievably longtime. I’ve never hit pan on a highlight!

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