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By Emily Leighton

Skin wise, i’ve always had an issue with discolouration and redness. 99% of the time my chin area, the entirety of my cheeks and the area around my nose (very very mild eczema in the case of the nose) have some sort of redness, although never to the degree that it can’t be covered. Sometimes they’ll become a little bit inflamed and in the last few months i’ve found these areas flaring up more that i’d like. Kiehl’s has once again saved the day. I’ve become really loyal to their skincare of the last few years and their products are starting to make up my entire skincare routine so there will be plenty more of these.

Centella Recovery Skin-Salve 

The skin-salve is a part of Kiehl’s dermatologist range and works to relieve temporary irritation of the skin as a result of using Kiehl’s Epidermal Microdermabrasion. Main ingredients include Aloe Vera (used to sooth and soften), Honey (to moisturise) and Tiger Herb/Centella (anti-bacterial and wound healing properties).

Now, although my irritated skin isn’t the result of Microdermabrasion I felt like my skin needed that same soothing treatment and the consultant at Kiehls said it would be beneficial. I’d done my own research prior (always important – you’ll be less likely to walk out with a handful of products you don’t need) and many others with the same issue have used this and loved it. I do too!

I use this morning and night on the areas affected – really focusing on the edges of my nose and chin. This is not an all over product, rather a spot treatment. I put this on after cleansing and toning, and before moisturising allowing a few minutes to soak in as it is quite thick in texture. I did read a lot of people disliked the heavy gel texture – I really enjoy it. It is initially quite sticky however this isn’t an issue if you give it time to soak in. The skin-salve automatically reduced the feeling of inflammation, and over time (about 3 weeks) this product has significantly reduced the redness around my nose and chin. I also feel like the texture of the areas has improved – a lot smoother and less bumps. It hasn’t worked as well on the cheeks, however this is a hereditary issue that most of my family has so that didn’t surprise me. I’ve also found this is great on mosquito bites! It reduces the need to itch completely (the more you know..). This is expensive at $74 however you use a minimal amount and the tube is generous. It’s more than i’d like to spend, BUT I’m a big advocate for staying consistent with what works for your skin and this has worked so well for me so i’ll continue to purchase. Find it here. 


Skin rescuer

When purchasing the skin-salve the sales assistant also suggested this as a way to reduce redness. I didn’t want to purchase it without trying, so she gave me a few samples. Naturally I went to every other Kiehl’s counter near me to get more samples so I could truly test it.. whatever. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. This product works to reduce the signs of stress and inflammation and provides “instant comfort and relief, ensuring skin is left cool and calm”. And that it does. I’ve been using this every morning (not at night since I love my oils too much) and it does exactly what it says. Works wonders under makeup and truly moisturisers the skin. Although it is slightly more expensive than Kiehl’s Ultra Facial moisturiser which I had used prior, I felt this formula was so much more beneficial for my face so I did end up making the switch and purchasing a full bottle. I found it was just as moisturising, slightly thicker in texture and so much more calming which is what I really love.  Purchase here.



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