KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado

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Being 22 i’m not at the age where i’m noticing any signs of ageing, but i’m also at the age where i’m realising that how I treat my skin now will really make a difference a few years down the track. I’m lucky in that I don’t have any hereditary eye issues like darkness, but lately I’ve been feeling like my eye area in general has just been a bit dull. Too many episodes of Will and Grace? Perhaps. Too many Cheeseburgers and not enough Veg? Very likely. But i’ve been using this eye cream for a little over two months now (we’ll really never review anything unless we’ve given it a solid run) and i’m obsessed. I know i’m heavy on the Kiehl’s products but they’ve just been working so well for me.


Now the thing I really like about this eye cream is that it does’t make any large claims about what it will do – it just says it will moisturise the eye area. For me this product under promises and over delivers, which is always a pleasant suprise. If you read other reviews online you’ll notice people comment on the fact that this doesn’t anti-age (don’t expect it to), but it does VERY well at moisturising. I honestly didn’t realise that the skin around my eyes was dehydrated until I started using this. After a week of using this each night  (I dot it underneath the eye, all the way up the cheek bone and around to the brow bone) I noticed my eye area was brighter, plumper and the texture of my skin was just so much smoother. If i’m lazy for a few nights and skip the eye treatment I really notice a difference in appearance. After continuous use it’s just gotten better and better.

The texture of this eye cream is really unique. In the tub it’s an incredibly rich, thick cream. As soon as you dot it into the skin and start patting it in it turns to almost a watery, greasy texture. That sound awfully unappealing but it just sinks in beautifully. I personally don’t like to wear this under makeup as it does look slightly oily, but obviously before bed this isn’t a concern.

So I definitely don’t recommend this if you need/are expecting it to reverse the signs of ageing – this is simply too gentle to do that. But if you’re like me and just want to ensure your prepping your skin to age well when the time comes, I cannot recommend it enough. A little goes the longest way – i’ve been using this for other two months and don’t think i’m even a quarter of the way through. Taking that into consideration I think the $43 price point is really reasonable.. it’s definitely not as steep as most eye creams out there.

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