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By Emily Leighton


After reading every review physically possible, and then re-reading them all again just to ensure I didn’t miss any vital information, it seemed irresponsible to deny my skin of such a savvy little product.  I felt like I already knew I’d love this before I’d even purchased. If I stumbled across a bad review (very few and far between) i’d be like “oh my god, please.” CLOSE TAB. Don’t need that negativity influencing my purchase.

It’s probably not enough to just tell you that this is the most satisfying skincare device you will ever lay your hands on, so here’s a little spiel on it from the Foreo site –

“The LUNA’s cleansing brush is made of rounded silicone touch-points that glide across the face, making it gentle enough for daily use and delivering nonabrasive cleansing that feels amazing on the skin. The unique combination of T-Sonic pulsations with silicone touch-points gently exfoliate dead skin cells and unclogs pores of makeup residue, as well as 99.5% of dirt and oil, enhancing the absorption of your other skin care products. Made of quick-drying, nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup, the LUNA is, by far, the most hygienic way to cleanse your face as it is up to 35X more hygienic than standard sonic-cleansing brushes”

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Besides the fact the Luna looks super cute perched in your bathroom, my skin has REALLY benefited from using it. Realistically, the latter is probably the most important point, so let’s talk about that.

I’ve been using the Luna for about 3 months now, and I settled on the regular version for normal/sensitive skin. I feel like the biggest change i’ve noticed is in my once heinous pores. From day one of using this I found it removed those impurities and made my complexion so, so, so much clearer. Everything just looks a little brighter, a little smoother, and a lot less congested, particularly in those little nooks and crannies around your nose that always look a little ‘grey’. I noticed this straight away and it continues to get better. There’s just a certain vibrance that my skin never had before, and quite frankly I’m feeling much more comfortable going without makeup than I have for along time. I can safely say this is because of the Luna, as I always like to only introduce/change one skincare item at a time so I can genuinely see if it works or not.

So obviously this is incredibly deep cleaning; so much so that when I almost forgot what cleansing with your hands felt like, and decided to revisit that long gone territory, I believe my exact words were “Oh wow.. fuck this”. The Luna, although so cute and petite, packs a serious punch and I didn’t realise how satisfying it feels. It just feels like it gets the job done so thoroughly without being harsh at all, which was actually quite surprising to me; the silicone heads are quite firm but unbelievably gentle on the skin. You also have the option to minimise/increase the vibrations should you want a gentler/more intense cleanse. The Luna Mini has less vibration options, but to be quite honest i’ve never felt to need to change the setting so that wouldn’t be a selling point for me if I had to repurchase.

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Now although this has 100% improved the condition of my skin, it hasn’t helped with clearing my acne which is localised to my chin. I do feel like my spots don’t hang around for along as they did, which is great, but they do still pop up. Like I said, i’m REALLY happy with how the rest of my skin is after introducing this into my routine.  But, i’m notoriously good at eating foods that are bad for my skin so I don’t expect this to fix it. I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again – do not expect products/devices to miraculously cure acne if you’re not doing everything YOU can do to stop it too. And by that I mean curbing bad sugars, looking into any hormonal imbalances you have, checking for any intolerances etc etc. What you’re putting into your body is going to be the biggest trigger/fixer. Mine is subtle enough that it’s easily covered and it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be, so i’m okay with having two or three on the go if the rest of my skins looking great

My last benefit is that I genuinely just love using this. After 3 months of use I still get excited to use it every morning and night, which has actually made me really consistent and almost strict with my skincare routine which I’m glad about. Previously i’ve always slacked off occasionally and really noticed the difference after a day or two without going through the routine – I haven’t yet done that since using this.

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The only real negative I can see with this product is the price, being $249. You can get ones that are more expensive – for example when you step up to the Luna 2 you’re looking at $285. On the other hand, you can go for the Luna Mini which is $179, or $215 for the Luna Mini 2. After a few months of use certainly don’t feel the need to upgrade to the 2, which is meant to be more flexible and have more vibration intensities. On that same note, I am REALLY glad I got the full size and not the mini. It just fits perfectly into my hand and I feel like the process would be a little more time consuming with the smaller device. So in all – I personally like everything about the one I have. One positive to counteract the negative on the price is the lasting power of this little guy. One charge lasts up to 450 uses AND it has a 10 year guarantee. When you spread $249 over 10 years – not so bad anymore, hey?

I also can’t really comment on the anti-aging side because, to be honest, I haven’t tried it enough and I don’t have any signs of ageing yet. I did buy the one with the anti-aging side so I at least had the option, but at the moment it just doesn’t really feel necessary for me. Although once I did give myself a really nice facial massage on the anti ageing side with coconut oil – dreamy.

To use 

  1. Start by using once daily to ensure it’s gentle enough for your skin, building up to twice if you feel the need. I’m a twice a day-er.
  2. Wet skin and apply cleanser. I prefer to add the cleanser directly onto my face as apposed to the device – I spread a pump of Ole Henrikson African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser (i’ve also been using this for about 3 months – amazing) across both cheeks, forehead and chin.
  3. Wet devise and start working the cleanser into your face using circular motions with the Luna. When the device pulsates you know it’s time to move onto the next area of your face. Or, you can be like me a forget about the pulsations and use the device for far longer than you probably should.
  4. Rinse off cleanser from the device, pushing fingers through the little silicone heads to ensure all product is gone.
  5. Dry with a towel. DONE.
  6. Do the same with your face (obviously, unless you want to walk around with cleanser on your face, your call…)
  7. Dry face with a DESIGNATED FACE TOWEL that you change every few days. This is so important. Do not use the hand towel or the towel you dry your body with. Small little hygienic steps like this can make a HUGE difference.
  8. Do whatever other things you do to your face to make it look pretty i.e moisturisers and oils


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