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By Emily Leighton

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria

You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I get the hype now. I really do. I found it quite easy to settle on Very Victoria – I was looking for an everyday lip colour and this was the lightest of the mattes, whilst still being darker than my natural lip. Price wise this is a splurge at $48, and you have to keep in mind the cost of shipping. Having said that this is a product i’d really like to own a small staple collection of – so i’d be happy to treat myself everynow and then to one amazing lipstick like this and skip on others. Very Victoria is a slightly rosy, brown based nude. In my opinion it’s a really sophisticated take on the average nude lip. Don’t be decieved by it’s dark appearance in the tube – it’s not.

Packaging wise, it just kills me. It’s a very heavy, sturdy and extremely luxurious rose gold metal. And thankgod, for $48 it would want to be. The thing I immediately loved about this lipstick is the tapered tip – it fits perfectly into the cupids bow and you can create a really precise finish without a brush. This will also be an advantage if you tend to steer away from lip liners – you’ll still get a really crisp line.

Although this is a matte finish, it doesn’t dry to flat matte like others I’ve tried, in particular MAC lipsticks; I find this one has more of a suede finish. Hydration wise, my lips always look and feel moisturised, but if I do need extra hydration or I want more of a sheen I’ll just pat some lip balm ontop. The longevity is also something else. I find I’ll wear this for 3-4 hours without having to touch up, and even then all I need is a small swipe to deepen the colour. And – this is a first for me and i’m really excited – no build up where my lips meet! After an hour of ANY lipstick i’m always greeted with white buildup where my lips naturally touch, and it’s horrid. Charlotte doesn’t play me like that. She knows better.

The next great thing about this (there’s a lot) is that it’s buildable. If you apply a very light layer you’ll still get the beautiful colour, but it will be more of a tint. Apply with a heavier hand and you’ve got a fully opaque lipstick. So even though it looks like an intense plum in the tube it’s really not, this is absolutely a nude lip just a notch or two darker than your standard. So to sum up – if you’re thinking of buying this, DO. It’s a beautiful product that has seriously exceeded my expectations for a lipstick. I’ve quite literally worn this every day since I received it. You can purchase here.


Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Iconic Nude 

Another great product from Charlotte Tilbury. This and Very Victoria compliment each other perfectly. I’m really happy that I went with Iconic Nude over Pillow Talk, which has more of pink base, while Iconic Nude is more of a brown/true nude.

This product really transforms the lips – it glides on extremely smoothly and is neutral enough to be undetectable if used with the right lipstick. I’ve also really enjoyed applying this on its own; starting by lining and then using the tip on a flat angel to shade it into the centre of the lips. I tend to do this even when i’m wearing lipstick – it acts as a great base and does help extend the life of whatever you choose to put ontop, you just need to make sure the tip is sharpened for the most precise finish. Like the lipstick, I find I get about 4 hours of solid wear out of this. Since i’ve purchased this I haven’t reached for any other lip liners – but lining my lips has now become something I do daily. I didn’t realise how much it pulls everything together until I used this product. This product retails for $35 and you can purchase this product here. 


Side note – If you’re in Australia, I highly reccomend purchasing Charlotte Tilbury items from Net-A-Porter. I received my package in 1 working day (which continues to baffle me since they come from Hong Kong) and you get the pleasure of unwrapping a beautiful box.

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