By Emily Leighton 

As someone who really doesn’t have much of an affinity towards eyeshadow, it’s rare that I actually feel anything other than sombre about eyeshadow palettes. I’m more of a one shade over the lid kinda gal so it’s just unnecessary for me to purchase more than I need. I only own one other palette that truly has a place in my collection and that’s the Lorac Pro Palette; he’s served me so well for quite a few years now and i’ve never really felt the need to expand my repertoire. Howwweeveerrrrrr, this colour selection was just too good to pass up and given how great Mario is at his craft I was expecting big things in the quality department.

Firstly, I do find I need to prime with these shadows – I use Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance –  otherwise they crease quite a bit on my eyes. This isn’t a massive issue as I do tend to use the softer colours so it’s never overly obvious, but of course this is something to think about. I ever so slightly prefer the quality of the shadows in the Lorac Pro palette, but I muuuuuuch prefer the colour range here. Having said that, I don’t find fall out to be an issue, the colours are incredibly pigmented and super smooth to apply. If you’re not exactly an eyeshadow connoisseur (like me) what more can you want?

If i’m using this for the day, i’ll mix Kim (3rd from left, top row) with Mariana (2nd from right, top row) and sheer that out all over the lid, up into the crease, and a bit under the eye. You can really make it a light wash of colour which is exactly what I want. I’ll then add a bit of Isabel (2nd from the left, bottom row) to the crease and under eye if I feel the need to. For the night, i’ll do just that but add Muse (3rd from right, top row) and Violeta (3rd from left, bottom row) into the works to make it a bit deeper.

All in all, it’s a killer palette if you don’t want anything too fussy or overcomplicated. Probably won’t buy another eyeshadow palette for 2 or so years tbh.

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